i'm Adrian, 
Your personal wedding filmmaker

hey, it's so nice to meet you!

I work at WNEM-TV 5 news in Saginaw as a video producer. I am a film connoisseur of sorts. Film is my life and it's why I made my film brands. We don't just film your day, we apply film best practices to make moments that last in beautiful and emotionally captivating ways.   

I drive a Blue 2024 Kia Soul I call Blueberry. I have a tattoo sleeve that's almost finished on my left arm, I'm a tat man! I have a taste for the fancier things in life so I love filming people's creative and beautiful wedding ideas. I most likely am downing Monster energy drinks at 2AM editing your film like the night owl I am and have 2 disgruntled cats sitting on my arms wanting more attention as I work.


A little more about me!

I have been to almost all states across America through many personal life experiences, and for work. If you have an elopement coming up outside of Michigan, I'd love to chat about covering it and exploring with you!


 I have two fur babies - Coacoa & Winky. 


I am a man that enjoys history. Far too often, we are completely unaware of ours. Video is relatively new as a mainstream staple in our society and we still don't fully appreciate it's value. My mission, and that of Gilded Heart Films, is to educate couples that work with me on the less thought of benefits of video. 8 generations from now, will they know who you were? Who your family was? Will you fade into obscurity?

I approach weddings not just as someone who believes in their faith as a Christian, but from a standpoint of legacy. Showing off your party is great, but our loved ones are all that matters in the end. To this end, this is why we film! 


Why do we film?